Sunday, 27 June 2010

This Is A First...

Well this is a first for me...never had a blog before, but with all the talk about setting up a blog for Students Union stuff I may as well have a go now!
ummm...well Im missing family guy for this, the puppy (Dexter) is chewing on one of the kids toys and Saffron has just come home after a weekend at her friends.

Got a busy week and I desperately need a car. The kids sports day tomorrow, maybe pop up to Banwen and see some of the students and tell them about setting up a part time society and the Welcome event I'm organising for us part time students just before term starts. Meet up with mre students on Tuesday and tell them the same. I really need to get into Swansea uni this week to sort out donations for prizes at the event. Its playing on my mind organising this event since a) I've never organised one before and b) I am being impatient about organising it.

One thing at a time i think!